Furry Tales Cat Rescue

Reimagining a local cat rescue’s brand to reflect their growth & mission.

Logo Design

I designed a logo and visual identity for a non-profit cat rescue to appeal to volunteers, donors and other supporters with a fresh and friendly look.

Furry Tales Cat Rescue business cards

Helping cats in need find
their fur-ever after.

It’s amazing how fast things can change when you are dedicated to a cause. Furry Tales Cat Rescue was founded in 2015 as a one-woman organization, and has quickly grown into a 100% volunteer-run non-profit with a circle of dedicated fosters and supporters, with over 5000 cats rehomed since its establishment.

I designed a visual identity to reflect the charity’s growth, reputation and values while appealing to current supporters and attracting new ones so they can keep doing what they do best— rescuing cats in need around Ottawa and beyond.


Like the original logo, I wanted to incorporate a fairy-tale theme as it makes the brand recognizable amongst other cat rescues.

The design is targeted towards women aged 25-65, as that demographic makes up most of their adopters and supporters. The logo and overall brand has a professional and friendly appearance to reflect their good standing with the community and the important work they do.


With clean and rounded shapes, the logo gives a professional and friendly impression. The simplistic approach makes the logo easy to use across a variety of mediums, formats and sizes. The cat sitting in an upright position and facing right symbolises good health and hope for the future for cats in need. The cat is adorned with fairy-like wings, reflecting how the rescue is there to help cats when they need it the most.


A clean and friendly geometric sans-serif was chosen as the main typeface for the brand and logo to give the brand a professional and welcoming voice that will appeal to a wide audience.

For print documents, I selected a soft serif typeface to contrast the clean and geometric main font and add a whimsical touch.


A mid-toned purple speaks to the rescue’s focus on taking urgent cases and senior cats through its representation of wisdom and devotion while providing a comforting, calming effect. Purple is an attractive colour to their majority woman-identifying supporters without being associated with femininity to the extent of the original, pink logo colour and ties in well with the fairy-tale theme for purple’s association with royalty.

As part of the visual identity, the logo colours are paired with a soft blue and peach to add contrast and further support the brand’s values.

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