Designing a user experience that helps people get a crack on cooking.


Using interaction design methodologies and principles, I designed a mobile application to make the cooking and preparation process easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy for anyone, from beginners to experienced home cooks.

App Proposal

I was tasked with designing a companion app for a fictitious smart-home device that solves a pain point in my own life. I chose to design a product that would make the cooking and preparation process less overwhelming with features such as a grocery list generator, a timer manager and a recipe book and reader function.

User Flow & Wireframes

For the purposes of the project, I focused on designing the interactive experience for the grocery generator function of the app and the main tasks within it. I laid out a user flow to showcase the steps the user would take to use the feature, and designed detailed wireframes that outlined the key tasks of the function. Written descriptions explain how the user will interact with each screen.

High-Fi Mockups & Interaction Outline

I breathed life into the prototype by designing the visual components to match the visual identity I developed for the brand/application and making improvements to the original wireframes. Notes for each screen describe how the user will interact with the app during each step.

Animated Prototype Video

I created a short video showcasing my vision for the UI animations as the user interacts with the app, using Figma's prototyping tools. In hindsight, I would have done it in After Effects for more control over the animations.

Visual Design

As the app is intended to take the stress out of the cooking process, I implemented a fun and warm approach to the visual design with colour and typography to make the user feel more excited about cooking with help from the app. For fun, the logo was constructed from my own custom lettering for an added human touch. 

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