Crew Crêpe House

Creperie gets an engaging branding and web design overhaul.

Web Design

I revitalized one of my first-year interaction design projects with an improved website design created with Webflow, and developed a visual identity to provide a clear creative direction for the overall project.

A Crepe Escape

In early 2020 I created a prototype one-page website for a boutique crepe restaurant. It was effective enough for the business’ needs but was not interactive or engaging, and lacked white space, leaving the website feeling flat and cramped. I chose to revisit this project to reflect my growth as a designer and knowledge of web and interaction design, and go a step further by developing a visual identity.

Delight Creperie was rebranded to Crew Crepe House, a comfortable place you can gather and socialize with your close friends and eat delicious crepes in a casual yet upscale atmosphere. I designed an interactive, one-page website with animations in Webflow to attract new patrons with a more fun and engaging web experience. 


The overall visual identity and atmosphere for the restaurant is inspired by the Art Deco movement, which represents the decadence and origin of the food they serve (France) and an era of social prosperity and changes. A more minimalistic approach was taken to bring the 1920s style into the 2020s to appeal to younger adult patrons and reflect the more contemporary nature of their cuisine.

The website is one page so users can easily and quickly browse through the features and relevant information regarding the restaurant. The menu is contained within tabs to take up less vertical space, and is divided by category so users can easily view the type of dishes they are interested in. 


The logo takes a minimalistic, typographic approach to emphasise the name of the restaurant which reflects their concept without needing a symbol and works well with signage. The main component of the wordmark uses a font with slightly rounded corners, tightly tracked to reflect closeness to friends, family and the community. 

A mockup of the Crew Crepe House logo on restaurant sign


The main colours are navy blue and gold, capturing the moody decadence of the 1920s as well as providing a feeling of coziness. These colours are complimented with a red-orange often seen on magazine covers and illustrations from the 20s, and a lighter green-blue that gives a sense of calm, taking us back to the coastal region of Brittany, France where crepes originate from. The cool colours feel trendy and professional, while the warm colours provide friendliness and stimulate appetite.


The font for body copy and other uses outside of headings is Arboria, a warm, geometric sans-serif with a humanist touch. Dazzle Unicase is a fun, decorative typeface that ties in the upscale, Art Deco-inspired elements with the casual, fun atmosphere the restaurant offers to its patrons.


Illustrative elements made with clean lines and geometric shapes compliment the Art Deco theme for use across the website and other brand touchpoints.

Website Redesign

I improved upon the original website prototype and implemented the updated branding into a real website designed in Webflow, with interactions and animations to create a more dynamic and engaging experience.

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Creative Lettering

I also created lettering out of buckwheat flour, an ingredient traditionally used in savoury crepes, for use across promotional material and the website to reflect the restaurant’s mission of bringing people closer together over delicious crepes. I left some of the excess flour on the surface as it lent a lot of character to the design.

Buckwheat flour lettering that reads "We make the crepes, you make the memories"

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