Animated Short

Bringing a mischievously inspirational speech to life.


Sharing Doja Cat's words of wisdom through motion graphics.

Fall from grace.

The goal of this project was to create a 15 second or longer animated short based on a piece of audio with attention to animation principles, timing, rhythm and storytelling. 

I became inspired when watching one of musical artist Doja Cat's Grand Theft Auto livestreams, where she gave an inspirational speech about becoming a better person while performing deplorable actions in the game.


To support the ironic and humorous nature of the clip, I chose to use innocent-looking animals for the characters. Due to the short timeframe to complete the project, I went in a minimalistic visual direction. As the audio often mentions the passing of days, a simple calendar concept is used to transition between some scenes. 


Based on the storyboard, I combined my scene sketches to the audio clip to map out the timing and transitions. It helped me judge if the animation would have the comedic impact I was reaching for, and figure out the timing of scenes for the final animation.


I incorporated colours that felt playful to match the comedic tone, and planned to use paper textures to add some flair to a more simple illustrative style.

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