About Brianna

A creative person from the beginning, I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. I began to discover my passion for graphic design in high school through my favourite class— communications technology— where I learned all about photography, how to use photoshop, and create animations.

Not only am I a lifelong creative, but also a lifelong equestrian. As an avid rider from a young age, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for attention to detail, empathy, hard-work, perseverance and creative thinking, along with a never ending desire to learn and grow, which I believe are all components that make up a great designer.

Outside of graphic design, I’m satisfying my curiosity for other branches of art and design, playing through my collection of video games, experimenting with makeup, and staying up way too late at night. My days are often fueled by iced coffee, Spotify playlists and cute animal videos.

A professional headshot of Brianna Helik